“The Puzzle,” or “Vlog #2”


The Puzzle


While I was memorizing

the back of your neck

the crook of your elbow

your ribs,


while I was stitching together the pieces

of the puzzle that made up you and I,

twisting thumb-sized portions of our story

in increments of 90 degrees,


you had, apparently, already slid

the haphazard pieces off the table

into the box, and placed it back in

the game closet, beside the Scrabble[1].


But you didn’t tell me this,

so while you shut the door,

took a seat on the couch,

and read your favorite book,


I was left holding a piece to a now

nonexistent puzzle, searching for

nonexistent matches,

twiddling the piece between my finger and thumb,


consulting the box to see

what the picture was supposed

to look like,





[1] Another muddled-up game of words


About Andrea Nicole

NZ enthusiast in the PNW. Internationally published writer, educator, grammar nerd, genealogist, and all-around storyteller. Recovering homebody. @Whitworth and @WGU alumna. #edchat
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