Skydiving in Taupo: Road Trippin’ – Day 4

The morning of our final day on the road trip, Stefan and I killed time before my skydive by checking out some of the beaches around Lake Taupo.


Next up was Acacia Bay, which wound up being a fantastic choice just before skydiving. If I wound up dying, at least I’d just witnessed some of New Zealand’s beauty at its finest first.IMG_4849IMG_4855IMG_4856IMG_4857

Some curious (and probably hungry) swans paid a visit.IMG_4872IMG_4879

A little too close for comfort, guys. I had a bad experience with a black swan up at Massey.


At long last: the skydive. I think I spent more time being nervous about it in the days leading up to it than during the actual jump.

Our plane of jumpers included myself, a German woman, a British man, and (I believe) a Chinese man. You get to know your fellow jumpers quite well beforehand. Probably because you’re all trying to distract yourselves from the insanity you’ve just agreed to.

The next five photos were taken (and given to me) by Taupo Tandem Skydiving, no copyright infringement intended, etc.

2 Climbing

The point-of-no-return face.

5 IMG_1112 6 Airport and Town 7 Taupo 10 The Drop Zone

The best way to celebrate a successful skydive: send your parents photographic evidence of your survival, then eat a Hawaiian pizza while looking out over a lake. Throwing yourself out of a plane can make you quite ravenous, particularly when you’ve been too afraid to eat beforehand.


Said view while enjoying the pizza:


After lunch, we headed back to Palmy, stopping along the way for some scenic shots of Lake Taupo. I believe this was near the town of Motuoapa.IMG_4904IMG_4913

Then, along the Desert Road, more shots of Mt Tongariro, which never gets old.IMG_4930IMG_4933

So, there’s supposed to be a mountain behind us, but whatevs.IMG_4939

And finally, this shot of quintessential New Zealand landscape, taken somewhere between Waiouru and Palmy. I wish I could take out that dang tree in the middle, but alas, my Photoshop skills are not that good.




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One Response to Skydiving in Taupo: Road Trippin’ – Day 4

  1. alindsaysams says:

    Omg the black swans again! So creepy how they get closer and closer in subsequent pictures!!! Glad you didn’t get bitten this time 😛

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