Fourth of July – From New Zealand!

The Fourth of July is tied with Thanksgiving for my favorite holiday. I suppose it’s just something about gathering friends and family, eating, and – America’s favorite pastime – blowing things up.

Tonight a small group of us, including three Americans, gathered at Trista and Calum’s place, which she had decorated beautifully:

IMG_3159 IMG_3155

We had a good old-fashioned American barbecue, consisting of hamburgers, baked beans, kettle chips, fries, and tortilla chips and dip (to help make up for the Cinco de Mayo party that didn’t happen). I didn’t take photos of much of the food because I was too busy eating it.

IMG_3180Our plans for beergaritas fell through when we couldn’t find any frozen lime juice concentrate (if anyone knows where to find some in New Zealand, let me know, please!). But it worked out because we had delicious sangria with real blueberries and pineapple stirred in.





And there was Budweiser. Because, you know, IMG_3168America.







My friend Tia graciously let us use her leftover fireworks, which was a big deal because here they are only sold in the five days leading up to Guy Fawkes Day. They were much appreciated and it wouldn’t have been Independence Day without them! We lit them off accompanied to country music (which we listened to the whole night, actually. Oh, how I’ve missed it!). I was going to share a video here but WordPress doesn’t like it, apparently.

IMG_3164The night finished off with a strawberry and blueberry crumble made by Stacy, another American, made to resemble a flag, plus some star-shaped shortbread cookies.






Out of respect for my host country, I try not to be that person abroad who is always saying things are better back home, but I have to admit I felt more proud than normal to be American today. And all those little things about the 4th back home meant a lot more here.


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