Blog Challenge – Day 4: Bullet My Whole Day

  • Turn off alarm (6:30)
  • Text Trista
  • Get dressed and groomed
  • Get lunch from kitchen and say hi to Rose (it’s her birthday) who is taking the bread out of the bread maker
  • Walk to the bus stop – no sunrise yet (6:50)
  • Check Facebook till the bus comes (7:02). Bus driver is the lady with short hair who plays her music loudly (but it’s almost always 60s rock and R&B, so I don’t mind).
  • On the bus, I observe the houses going by. A lot are bungalows that look like the ones built in the 30s and 40s in the States. Some are Spanish adobe style.
  • At the Main Street bus station, I realize I forgot to bring my book (The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald). Instead I do the crossword puzzle from the Tacoma News Tribune (my parents sent me a bunch of that paper’s puzzle pages).
  • Second bus arrives. New driver.
  • Bus leaves (7:20). Resume crossword puzzle.
  • Arrive at my stop (7:45). Walk half a block to work as sun begins to rise.
  • Put on mascara in work bathroom.
  • Get coffee.
  • Try to fill up water bottle but the water cooler runs out. Fill it up (this seems to be the ultimate drudgery in the office; when someone uses the last of the water and has to refill the jug, but it reminds me of my barista days). Fill water bottle.
  • Begin filing while listening to A Way with Words on my phone.
  • Construct boxes for more files (co-worker compares me to Muhammad Ali – heh heh).
  • Remove duplicate file folders from old filing system in the back room. Because I’m usually the only one there I can listen to music without earphones and sing along as loudly as I please. My iPod’s shuffle function reveals an embarrassing amount of Backstreet Boys, and it plays nearly all of my Jack’s Mannequin songs.
  • IMG_2624Mom sends me this photo of my grandma playing the piano with her great-great granddaughter.
  • Morning tea break (10:37). Group of co-workers and I complete The Dominion Post’s quiz and my News Tribune’s quiz (the latter’s theme was fictional cats). Eat a feijoa from a bag of them someone left on a table.
  • Back to work in the back room filing.
  • Return to desk to find missing stock numbers through the computer system.
  • File new paperwork.
  • Lunch (1:15). Chat with a co-worker. Eat soup and feijoas. Check Facebook. Scroll through Seattle’s KOMO news Twitter feed and read about a possible IKEA museum.
  • Back to work. More filing while listening to NPR news on my phone.
  • Process new invoices.
  • Afternoon tea break (3:35). Scrolled through Twitter and read about a pregnant woman in Sudan who a group is threatening to kill because she married a Christian. Skimmed the World section of The Dominion Post and read about Pamela Anderson revealing the sexual abuse from her childhood.
  • More filing while listening to the news. Occasionally answer the phone when no one else is around.
  • Get picked up by Trista (5:10). She drops off a package at the post office and then we quiz each other on state capitals (west to east; we ended at Montana). She drops me off at Pak ‘n Save so I can get some avocados and an onion to make guacamole for her upcoming housewarming party.
  • Grab veggies. In a rush to get to the bus stop, I hurriedly exit through the entrance’s turnstile-esque metal things (sort of like pinball flaps), forgetting that they don’t bend both ways. My torso does an immediate 45-degree angle as I’m forced to a stop, probably making the day of the security guard if he was watching the tape.
  • After the initial shock, I pay for the food and get out in under three minutes. Personal best.
  • Catch the 5:40 bus home. Another new driver.
  • Get home just before 6. Throw chicken, capsicum/bell pepper, green onions, cilantro/coriander, lime-chili spice, sour cream and lime juice into two heated tortillas and eat while listening to Bill Cosby on a cassette tape borrowed from a co-worker.
  • Do dishes with Suzie.
  • Watch Ellen on YouTube while eating Whitaker’s chocolate.
  • Walk to Bible study. Drink tea, play with dog, discuss what the Bible says on giving, eat fruit crumble and ice cream.
  • Get ride home from Hannah.
  • Check leg where it hit the Pak ‘n Save turnstiles. Bruise and bump forming.
  • Shower.
  • Chat with Rose while heating up water for hot water bottle.
  • Set hot water bottle on lap and type this out.

About Andrea Nicole

NZ enthusiast in the PNW. Internationally published writer, educator, grammar nerd, genealogist, and all-around storyteller. Recovering homebody. @Whitworth and @WGU alumna. #edchat
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